Solidarity Edition

EDT 1 / February 2022

Solidarity must become concrete action to fight against inequalities, to return to mutual aid, to believe and trust in others and thus undertake mechanisms that can confront the voids and injustices of capitalism. In this sense, cooperativism is key. This edition was produced with support from the Web Residencies program of Akademie Schloss Solitude and with Bruise Magazine.

Can Solidarity between Oppressed peoples exist in the South?

The first time I encountered the notion of South-South cooperation was when I first read Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed . In that profoundly insightful work, Freire argues for a praxis of revolution that restores the humanity of oppressed peoples through a special kind of education—a process of unlearning and relearning in which the revolutionary Can Solidarity between Oppressed peoples exist in the South?

by: Wobusobozi Amooti

More Of Us, Yet Incomplete

In November 2017, an autonomous gathering around leftist literature and practice took place in a strangely located auditorium within Hong Kong Park. Amidst books scattered across the floor and banners strewn across chairs, this fruitful weekend of exchanges and discussions called the Black Book Fair took place among activists, musicians, artists, publishers and organisers, punctuated More Of Us, Yet Incomplete

by: Portable

__________: a Call to Inaction

Solidarity is a word that seems to come from far away. A large bubbling concept that encompasses every fight I’m in or adjacent to. It swallows every activist. It comes as a call from an Egyptian friend of mine, to support another Egyptian wrongly imprisoned. It asks nothing of me but to share a post on __________: a Call to Inaction

by: Gloria Kiconco

Museums that Care

I am an anomaly in my communities in India for I feel at home in museums. As far as I know, most people don’t. I used to wonder, why? I thus became a museum professional. After some years of experiments in this space, I haven’t come across astonishing findings, rather I have realized that the Museums that Care

by: Poornima Sardana

The making of solidarity has the verb “action”

Everytime I attempt to go forth into the complexity of language I discover many words that, full of mysterious content, reign over our conversations. The words we incorporate with “ease” to our everyday life are covered with a veil that in many occasions serves to conceal a framework of oppression and privilege that is difficult to untangle.

by: Georgina Faun

Thanks to Togetherness

When God promised Abraham a land of milk and honey, he did not know that his words would seal a promise that would journey across the world. That God from another place was unaware that his message would motivate families who had been stripped of their future to cross deserts until they arrived at the promised land

by: José Daniel Palacios Restrepo

Marat Raiymkulov

Marat’s work, which accompanies our first edition, illustrates very well a feeling that we all have when we speak of solidarity and conflict. If solidarity needs motivation, it also causes the growth of strength among the commons. Illustration by Marat Raiymkulov Marat Raiymkulov born in 1984 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He lives and works in Bishkek. Marat Raiymkulov

by: Marat Raiymkulov

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