Carolina Campuzano


I am a social communicator and journalist with a master's degree in Humanistic Studies. I am a university professor in the areas of communication and education at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and a communicator for the Casa Tres Patios Foundation. I like walking through cities, learning the names of trees and, above all, listening to everyday stories. I collect poems and leaves.

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Georgina Faun

Gloria Kiconco

I am a Ugandan poet, essayist, and zine-maker based in Kampala, Uganda. Poetry is my core practice whether written, read, performed and it informs my writing in other genres. I've enjoyed collaborations creating audio compilations with music producers, creating zines with artists and collectives. Writing essays is a way for me to delve deeper into ideas, stories, themes that grab me. They also can transport me outside my internal life and into the immediate reality happening around me. I've enjoyed the perspectives and insights of others around the world to whom I relate or who illuminate my experience as a Ugandan.

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José Daniel Palacios Restrepo

Social communicator - Journalist

Journalist and ambassador of everyday wonders. Dedicated to chasing clouds, clichés and stories. His work has focused on finding new ways to narrate the same city, with a sensitive look at human dignity and with the decision to tell the great stories that occur in the social fabric of his city of residence.

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Marat Raiymkulov


Artist, working in the format of black and white graphics and draw animation. One of member of art group 705.

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Poornima Sardana

Museum Consultant and Curator

Poornima Sardana is an independent museum consultant based in New Delhi. She designs museum strategy for education, development & community engagement. She develops and facilitates programs that focus on building people’s relationship with museums & each other. She is currently researching and experimenting on museums’ contribution to society’s well-being, to cultures of care, through her research initiative Museums Of Hope, and has co-founded Museums Mazzedaar Collective with Dr. Anaja Joshi.

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Last generation to grow up without Internet. Website: https:/, Instagram: @light.logistics

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Wobusobozi Amooti

Wobusobozi Amooti is a writer, editor, producer, and artistic director. His great loves are literature, theatre, debate, music, learning, trekking and travelling. His personal vision is to leave a more just world than he found.

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