Carolina Campuzano

I am a social communicator and journalist with a master’s degree in Humanistic Studies. I am a university professor in the areas of communication and education at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and a communicator for the Casa Tres Patios Foundation. I like walking through cities, learning the names of trees and, above all, listening to everyday stories. I collect poems and leaves.

Questions to the promise of modernity

by: Carolina Campuzano

How can we return to a model where growth, acceleration or innovations occur as reactions to changes in the environment rather than imperatives?

Photo: Carolina Campuzano

The contemplation of beauty: an action for climate justice

by: Carolina Campuzano

How do you convince someone of an idea, how do you tell the world what it should pay attention to? Sometimes words are not enough, sometimes speeches are transient, that is, they have an impact for a moment and then disappear, even those that are apocalyptic do not seem to achieve the desired effect: that of generating fear so that people act on it.

Screams are heard in the jungle

by: Carolina Campuzano

In 2022 alone, more than 150 000 migrants have been forced to cross the Darien Gap on the Panama-Colombia border. Their passage has left a trail of suffering, but also tons of rubbish in the jungle.

Blue Sky Manifesto

by: Carolina Campuzano

How to write a manifesto about something we can barely see nowadays in the midst of so many suspended particles?

The rain and the sirirí

by: Carolina Campuzano

Although Colombia emits only 0.6% of the world’s greenhouse gases, its new government is committed to energy transition

Sowing Hope for Pablo Lopez Alavez

by: Carolina Campuzano

Last August, organizations, collectives and defenders sowed 144 trees on the Cerro del Crestón, in the city of Oaxaca, to demand the release of López Alavez. The activity involved 171 communities, collectives and organizations from Oaxaca, Mexico. This action was replicated in ten countries where people and organizations joined the demand for freedom.