Carolina Campuzano


Social Communicator

I am a social communicator and journalist with a master's degree in Humanistic Studies. I am a university professor in the areas of communication and education at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and a communicator for the Casa Tres Patios Foundation. I like walking through cities, learning the names of trees and, above all, listening to everyday stories. I collect poems and leaves.

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Erik Tlaseca

Mexico/Mexico City

Visual Artist

I am a visual artist that lives and works in Mexico City. I use a diverse range of disciplines, mostly in collaboration and working in different collectives. I'm pretty DIY (do it yourself or do it with others), and I have focused in self-publishing as a methodology to circulate my work and the work of others.

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Lauren Von Gogh

South Africa/Johannesburg

Project Manager

I work on projects about mental health, transformation, and art and science communication, amongst others, at the Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA). I'm also a mother, an editor, and an aspiring writer and sewist based in Johannesburg.

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Rogelio Vázquez

Mexico/Mexico City


Mexico City designer and graphic art, printer, edit and sell books, sometimes I write and collaborate on collective publishing projects. I collaborate with other projects and through a small publishing label where I publish graphic ideas and experiments.

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I work as a translator, organizer and curator in Yogyakarta. I became part of Kunci Study Forum & Collective since 2009 up until now. I have been busy making myself and others busy with interests around institutional practices, social movements, collectivity and critical pedagogy. I do karaoke by myself regularly to create a space for doing and thinking otherwise.

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Teesa Bahana



I'm director of 32° East Ugandan Trust, a non-profit contemporary art centre in Kampala. I've gained so much from 32° East's membership in the global network, Arts Collaboratory and More of Us is a small way to try to extend that into the wider world.

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Veronique Poverello

Democratic Republic of Congo/Lubumbashi

Cultural Operator

I am a cultural operator, I live and work in the city of Lubumbashi. Trained as a designer, I am passionate about art and its unifying power. I am particularly interested in contemporary practices that are linked to social issues and that encourage dialogue with communities. I work both in the cultural and academic fields where I coordinate cross-disciplinary projects. I am a member of the Waza Art Centre since 2016.

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