Gloria Kiconco

I am a Ugandan poet, essayist, and zine-maker based in Kampala, Uganda. Poetry is my core practice whether written, read, performed and it informs my writing in other genres. I’ve enjoyed collaborations creating audio compilations with music producers, creating zines with artists and collectives. Writing essays is a way for me to delve deeper into ideas, stories, themes that grab me. They also can transport me outside my internal life and into the immediate reality happening around me. I’ve enjoyed the perspectives and insights of others around the world to whom I relate or who illuminate my experience as a Ugandan.

__________: a Call to Inaction

by: Gloria Kiconco

Solidarity is a word that seems to come from far away. A large bubbling concept that encompasses every fight I’m in or adjacent to. It swallows every activist. It comes as a call from an Egyptian friend of mine, to support another Egyptian wrongly imprisoned. It asks nothing of me but to share a post on __________: a Call to Inaction