Thanks to Togetherness

by: José Daniel Palacios Restrepo

When God promised Abraham a land of milk and honey, he did not know that his words would seal a promise that would journey across the world. That God from another place was unaware that his message would motivate families who had been stripped of their future to cross deserts until they arrived at the promised land

Marat Raiymkulov

by: Marat Raiymkulov

Marat’s work, which accompanies our first edition, illustrates very well a feeling that we all have when we speak of solidarity and conflict. If solidarity needs motivation, it also causes the growth of strength among the commons. Illustration by Marat Raiymkulov Marat Raiymkulov born in 1984 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He lives and works in Bishkek. Marat Raiymkulov