Screams are heard in the jungle

by: Carolina Campuzano

In 2022 alone, more than 150 000 migrants have been forced to cross the Darien Gap on the Panama-Colombia border. Their passage has left a trail of suffering, but also tons of rubbish in the jungle.

Water Tigers. Guardians of the Amazon Jungle

by: RuidoSara Zuluaga García

By protecting the forest in the Ticoya reserve, Ticuna, Cocama, and Yagua hunters are collectively pursuing sustainability and food sovereignty

Tigres et tigresses de l’eau. Gardiens et gardiennes de la forêt amazonienne


Des chasseuses et des chasseurs ticuma, cocama et yagua recherchent collectivement la durabilité et la souveraineté alimentaire en protégeant la forêt de la réserve Ticoya.

Blue Sky Manifesto

by: Carolina Campuzano

How to write a manifesto about something we can barely see nowadays in the midst of so many suspended particles?

The rain and the sirirí

by: Carolina Campuzano

Although Colombia emits only 0.6% of the world’s greenhouse gases, its new government is committed to energy transition

Thanks to Togetherness

by: José Daniel Palacios Restrepo

When God promised Abraham a land of milk and honey, he did not know that his words would seal a promise that would journey across the world. That God from another place was unaware that his message would motivate families who had been stripped of their future to cross deserts until they arrived at the promised land